My primary research interests lie in set theory; large cardinals and forcing. In particular, I have worked extensively with subcomplete forcing notions, defined by Ronald B. Jensen.

My thesis advisor at The Graduate Center, CUNY was Gunter Fuchs.


  • A list of abstracts of the talks that I have given in the Set Theory Seminar at the Graduate Center of CUNY are posted on NY Logic. (Here is the temporary site.)
  • Here is a list of some of the talks given at the Student Set Theory Seminar.
  • Some of my talks are also posted on Set Theory Talks.



  1. Neighbor Balance in Infinite Latin Squares, with Gage N. Martin and M. A. Ollis. (In preparation)
  2. The Subcompleteness of Generalized Diagonal Prikry Forcing. (In preparation)
  3. Here is the Subcomplete forcing, trees and generic absoluteness paper posted on arXiv, joint work with Gunter Fuchs. (Accepted to the JSL)
  4. Here is the Split Principles, Large Cardinals, Splitting Families and Split Ideals paper posted on arXiv, joint work with Gunter Fuchs. (Under Review)
  5. Here is my PhD dissertation On Subcomplete Forcing.